Few things make me happier than films about British gangsters by Guy Ritchie, which is why I am TOO excited for his upcoming Rocknrolla. YES!!! But before he was primarily known as Mr. Madonna, Mr. Ritchie crafted one of my favorite films of all-time in 2000, Snatch. I’ve long tried to use my favorite phrases from films like Love Jones (Nina to Darius: “Next time, call first ’cause I know you wrote down my number…”) in casual conversation but with Snatch, I want to pull off a coup so flawless that everyone that hears the tale is left with their jaw hanging.

Not to mention, Ritchie films are where I’m able to get a good fix of Jason Statham. Between Statham’s character Turkish’s jokes on his sidekick Tommy, Boris the Blade as the Russian that REFUSED to die, and Brad Pitt’s unintelligible Pikey accent (with an incredible set of abs)? I loved it. So for today’s throwback, have a bit of Brit in your life, ladies.

**Spoiler Alert** the clip below is the entire ending (and the best part of Snatch) along with the best quotes so act accordingly. “In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary-come again?”

Entire ending beginning with the final bare knuckle boxing match:

Best Quotes:

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