The Cosby Show: THROWBACK!

In honor of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech earlier this week and my sneaking feeling that her whole steez is lovingly borrowed from The Cosby Show, I’m giving you a few of my favorite clips from the 1980s series most of us grew up on. Not only does Clair remind me of my mother, she was the woman I wanted to be when I grew up- especially when she was telling off chauvinistic fools like Theo, Elvin and Buuuuuuud. You remember Bud aka Kenny from down the street, always talking about “Well, my brother said…” Smh…What’s your favorite episode?

Claire tells Elvin the deal on marriage…

Because the night time is the right time…

Unfortunately, I can’t embed my ultimate favorite but here’s the link and a hint- Vanessa goes on a date with the infamous Jeremy and lies about it, Cliff responds with…apples. Watch fave No. 1 and then fave No. 2.

Trying to fit into a dress for a special occasion, Clair takes an aerobics class where her real-life sister, Debbie Allen pops up to torture her- Lawd, Lawd- only to go home where Cliff continues the torture with her favorite, Mexican food. Watch aerobics here and Mexican food here. As Clair would say, “I’m going to bed hungry…SHUT…UP.”

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