The Shop: Viva La (Style) Revolucion!

It was a sweltering New York summer day—the normal 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity. The concrete was so hot that my Havianas were sticking to the street and my hair was pulled back in my “Ode to Puchi Lavoe” bun, (baby hair and all). Wearing a short terry romper, I left my apartment to take over the world. The last thing on my mind was whether I should have donned another layer of clothing…until I passed by the matron council, a circle of old school grandmothers that police my block in all things blasphemous and shameful. My crime this day? “It may be hot but she is dressed too light for any temperature,” I heard them cluck. Brushing it off as old lady talk I grinned and said, “Hello ladies.”

However when I settled down on the train and felt the cold AC on my bare legs, I realized I was rebelling against generations of fashion regimes. Looking back on all things we’ve been taught, I realized just how far we’ve pushed the envelope of what is acceptable…and I was filled with pride. So in appreciation of our boldness I have compiled a short list of all things fashionably offensive and I am encouraging all Parlourettes to keep bending and breaking those rules…in good taste of course! —Lyani

“Red Shoes are for loose women”
“Bright red shoes only say one thing about a woman…she’s loose!” However if you listen closer to the click clack of these heels, you’ll really hear “Libertad, Libertad!”

1. Open Toe Ankle Strap | Guiseppe Zanotti | $595 | Endless
2. Sidney Shoe | Lamb | $320 | Foot Candy Shoes
3. Gudrun-Heart Ankle Boot | Scorah Patullo | $200 | Foot Candy Shoes

“Bare Legs are Vulgar”
I love walking on the edge, especially if my stems are wrapped in tights like these.

1. Shiny Stirrup Tights | American Apparel | $14 | American Apparel
2. Shiny Stirrup Tights | American Apparel | $14 | American Apparel
3. Two-Toned Tights | Chanel | Price TBD | Coming Fall 2008

“Always, wear a slip, God forbid anything shows through the slip”
I don’t know about you, but if I must wear a slip then forget about wearing the dress. These slip dresses are sexy enough to hold their own.

1. Veronica Pleated Dress | C&C California | $98 | ShopBop
2. Slip Dress | Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent | $196 | ShopBop
3. Slip Dress | Rory Beca | $82 | ShopBop

“If you stand in the sun, wear a hat”
Here are a few styles to conform to.

1. Slouchy Ribbed Beanie | $10 | Urban Outfitters
2. Military Fedora | $28 | Urban Outfitters
3. Striped Fedora | $44 | Free People
4. Cabbie Love Beret | $48 | Free People
5. Wool Riding Cap | $28 | Urban Outfitters

“A bra is mandatory, a woman must always wears her uniform.”
I am sure these bras are not what “the man” had in mind, but if I must wear a uniform best believe it will be customized….

1. Nice Collection Silk Bow Bra | Andres Sarda |$259 | Tanga Fine Lingerie
2. Black Label – Lace Passion Bra | $218 | La Perla
3. Black Label – Fumoir Bustier | $748 | La Perla
4. Black Label – Fior di loto Bra | $1048 | La Perla

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