What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Four months ago I took a leap of faith….quit my job and traded my Harlem Condo for a quaint flat in the heart of Paris. It has been my dream for years to live in the City of Lights but three things always stopped me:

1. I did not speak a word of French
2. I did not have a job in France
3. See No.1

So when I announced in January that I was moving to Paris, all of my friends were surprised. Why you might ask? Because I still did not speak French and I was going to quit by six figure gig in New York City to become a student in Paris. If I moved I would have to live off of my savings and that, my friend, is a very scary concept.

After much thought I realized that if I waited for all of the stars to align…i.e. me speaking French and some company realizing how fabulous I am (wink) that they’d relocate me to France, I may never go to Paris!

It may seem like a huge leap of faith to relocate to a foreign country but I have always been one to throw caution to the wind in pursuit of my dreams. I am from Chicago and have lived in LA and New York…Paris just seemed like the next logical step. I think of myself a world traveler of sorts, it’s my passion and a favorite pastime. My one college regret was that I didn’t study abroad. I lamented this for years and realized that I spent so much time thinking of what I should have done instead of focusing on what I could do now!

So with the support of family and friends, I boarded a plane, flew 3,600 miles to begin a new chapter of my life! Sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t, but be sure it’s always an interesting journey here in the City of Lights! So the story is to be continued…Did I ever learn French? Did I find the love of my life and decide to trade my New York City appreciation for Paris forever? Only time will tell. I don’t even know yet, lol! But I’ll definitely keep you posted.

So if money was no object, how would you live your life? Better yet, what is the price of not pursuing dreams? Finally, when will you decide that the cost of a dream deferred is too much? Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Frenched Kissed

The city of lights…love and all things fashionable. FRENCH KISSED is all about the pursuit of the good life in Paris, France. Every week I’ll give you an insider’s view of the hottest expositions, newest restaurants, latest trends along with Paris’s best kept secrets. I’ll give you the key to the city….or at least let you borrow it. If anyone knows the ins and out of getting in where you fit in, it’s FRENCH KISSED. Originally from Chicago—I’ve already lived in LA and New York and now I’m taking Paris by storm. A self described voyeur, I love getting lost in a new part of Paris and discovering why the people who live there call it home. I’m a move and a shaker, so hang on and try to keep up. You might even learn a little French along the way!

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