Who is Sarah Palin? She’s no Hillary Clinton

Wondering just who this woman is that McCain just selected as his Vice Presidential running mate? Here’s a brief snapshot. Take a look, then let’s talk about why any of these things make her a viable candidate OTHER than the fact that she’s a woman.

  • First Time Governor of Alaska (since 2006)
  • A Journalism Major from the University of Idaho
  • Was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (a suburb of Anchorage: population approx. 8,500)
  • Mother of 5 who had her youngest child only four months ago in April
  • Huge proponent of the National Rifle Association
  • Opponent of Abortion Rights

Need I say more?

In what was a horribly transparent move by Senator John McCain to go after disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters, this selection of a virtually unknown, uber-conservative governor was a low attempt to bring some spice to what was turning out to be a dull campaign on the McCain side. But I have to wonder–if Senator Obama had selected Hillary Clinton as his running mate, would McCain have moved forward with this decision? As a woman, I’m offended that he would assume that female voters are transparent enough to vote for a woman based solely on her sex versus her qualifications. Now I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Hillary Clinton, but I do respect where she comes from. If this low blow attempt actually works, it will speak volumes to the values of the people in this country. This is about to get very interesting.


The Insult
Now because you chose to run side by side a woman I am suppose to vote for you? Did you forget that I am a Democrat? Did you forget that my support for Hillary was based on ideologies the democratic party was founded on. I am Pro-Choice Candidate McCain. As our future president said last night, I believe in reducing the number of un-wanted pregnancies in this country by addressing the root of the problem. Not by forcing women into a decision they are not prepared to make. I support the second Amendment, but do not support criminals with their hands on AK-47’s. Why would I support a woman who is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association? Candidate McCain you choosing a woman who’s resume includes mayor of a city no on has heard of, first term governor of Alaska, and with a journalism degree, says to me you have no idea what you are doing.
Candidate McCain, whoever thought this element of surprise would get you ahead, you can tell them they are wrong. This solidifies the disgust I have for Republicans. McCain. I liked you better as a Senator. Not as a candidate.
-Former Hillary Supporter Now Barack Supporter

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