Afternoon Tea 9.08.08

Remember watching Rent for the first time? You sang “La Vi Boheme” for weeks. Well the revolutionary rock musical about a bunch of broke young artists in the Lower East Side, struggling to stay alive and dealing the AIDS epidemic is checking out. Last night was the last performance of the production that’s been on stage for 12 years. Guess we’ll be renting the DVD for a while. {NYT}

After Hurricane Gustav pooed all over Cuba, Hurricane Ike came and took a huge dump on the island nation and left thousands of people displaced.  But thanks to some pre-planning, Cuba’s evacuations system held up at the right time. Meanwhile Ike was the fourth hurricane in a row to roar through Haiti, leaving it more devastated than before, if you can believe it. {BBC}

In Afghanistan, archaeologists unearthed a 62 foot Buddha statue. It was in the sleeping posture—how appropriate. {Globe and Mail}

Two Sumo wrestlers were given the boot after they tested positive for marijuana, forcing a disgraced senior official, Kitanoumi, to resign. …I don’t get it… It’s just a little weed. {Guardian}

—New week, new fun. Gonna ride the Cyclone at Coney Island on Thursday before Astroland shuts down. Hope for Pictures.

image credit: NYTimes

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