Afternoon Tea 9.11.08

The folks at Atlantic Records hit the height of douchebagery when they pulled Estelle’s record off of iTunes. Apparently they thought the sales from “American Boy” were infringing upon the sales of the whole album Shine. Well, BIG surprise, they were wrong. Estelle is back and happiness is restored. {Vulture}

Facebook, the popular online social network that sorta stole MySpace’s thunder for a hot minute recently got a makeover. Now they’re making it mandatory for all users to adapt to the new FB and some folks are pissed. I get it… It’s hard to get hip to new things. {BBC}

Sticking with the internet, I was shocked to learn that there’s an online game called Muslim Massacre, in which an American soldier aims to “wipe out” all Muslims by chasing after them with machine guns and rocket launchers. And apparently authorities can’t do a damn thing about it because it’s online. smh.{Guardian}

I love Lauren Conrad just as much as the next girl who watches The Hills every once in a while when nothing’s on, but Lauren just signed a three-book deal. All I can say is, are you effing kidding me? {E!}


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