Afternoon Tea 9.12.08

It is true that Michael Jackson’s dirty Calvin Klein drawers are for sale on e-bay… with a reserve price of $1 million. I really want to speak to the person who buys this! {Truemors}
A Malaysian blogger/activist Raja Petra Kamarudin was arrested and accused of attacking senior officials on his blog. RPK is being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA)=if you chat back you get locked up. {Al Jazeera}
Obama’s grandma is being targeted by thieves in her Kenyan village. But thank-fully the cops weren’t having it and increased their presence in the area. {BBC}

I love stories like this… The West Bank city Jenin, once ruined by constant violence between Palestinians and Israelis, is now a beacon of hope for peace in the middle east. Palestinians and Israelis are working together to secure jobs, and even to grow and effectively market organic produce accross Europe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. {NYT}

And Kanye and his road manager Don Crowly are out of jail after smashing two paparazzo’s cameras while in LAX waiting for a flight to Honolulu on $20,000 bail. Both were charged with felony vandalism. That blows, you could’ve been chillin’ in Hawaii if you had held it together for just a teensy bit longer Ye. {MTV}

—Bobbi says… go out and go crazy this weekend ladies. Fall is here! You look hot in boots and leggings… Time to get some early practice in for those heat seeking one night stands your going to be after in just a few months.

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