Afternoon Tea 9.16.08

Sorry to bring up Ciara’s nakedness on the cover of VIBE Magazine again, but apparently Ciara’s pissed about that VIBE airbrushed her panties out of the shot. It totally makes me think of Andre 3000’s The Love Below interlude when the girl goes, “where are my panties.” I bet that’s what Ciara said when she saw the cover.  LOLZ.  {Jez} {Fleshbot NSFW}

720 Afghan police have died in the last six months due to insurgent attacks! Seven Hundred AND Twenty… I had to write it out for y’all. Talk about an occupational hazard. smh {G&M}

OK I love, love Bounty Killer, but I’m starting to think that drama just follows the Alliance ring leader.  Now Ninja Man says he’s “coming for” the Warlord at New Jersey’s 2008 ReggaeFest on Sunday. He’s seeking a lyrical bloodbath. Murda dem-Murrda dem! Hmmm. {Yardflex}

NYTimes’ Jan Hoffman chats with Sarah Palin’s hair stylist Jessica Steele about what SP’s updo says about her and what the blogosphere is saying about Mrs. Palin’s look.  “It was comical when her hair was down…” Steele said.  {NYTimes}

—Bobbi is loving the kinda fall/Indian summer that is going on right now… wish it could last for ever!  P.S. sorry so late ladies.  I’m running on Turks and Caicos time today.

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