Afternoon Tea 9.17.08

Yippie! New Stella McCartney for Adidas sneak peek! {Fashionista}

At least 16 people were killed when the US Embassy in Yemen was bombed by a suicide bomber… and armed fighters, …you know incase the suicide thing didn’t work out I guess. A group called Islamic Jihad claimed to be responsible. {Al Jazeera}

In China babies are getting sick left and right due to over twenty baby formula brands containing a toxic chemical called melamine. Three babies have already died and 6,244 have fallen ill. Poor babies. {BBC}

I’m loving this new Vampire Weekend song remixed by the Teenagers. Think it might have to be my early fall fun anthem for a few days. Download it on PMA. {Pretty Much Amazing}

—Bobbi is dancing at work to Vampire Weekend as she types.

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