Afternoon Tea 9.18.09

They say every great empire falls.. I wonder if that’s what’s going on with Apple… Gasp! I know…  But with Tmobile’s iPhone rival, the new G1 phone set to release next month and now the MySpace Music store speculated to give iTunes a run for their money once it’s launched, it’s fair to assume a more level playing field at least. {Rolling Stone}

The O.J. Simpson armed robbery-kidnapping case is a trip…  The latest—a detective on the case said it took some convincing for him to believe that the ex NFL star held up two sports memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino.  {LAT}

With the focus moving away from fashion and on to film these days everyone’s chatting about two new to-be-released movies: Choke and Good Dick.  The latter, a romantic comedy directed by and staring Marianna Palka, is the love story of a video store clerk (Jason Ritter) and a female customer/erotica renter.  Sounds cute, sexy and full of social awkwardness…  Watch the trailer here.  {Vulture}

Ugh… now British cheap, chic department store Topshop has pushed back its NYC opening to March 2009.  Whatevs, if shopping there is as much of a nightmare as it is at the one in London, I can wait ’til Spring. {Fashionista}

—Feels like fall today.  Time to switch from iced coffee to cafe con leche,  Margarita’s to shots of tequila, Corn Flakes to oatmeal.

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