Afternoon Tea 9.19.08

Planning your Spring/Summer vacations already? NYTimes says put Cambodian capital Phnom Penh on the list now before the the “ambling cows” get replaced with Burger Kings and the “low-slung buildings” are over shadowed by sky scrapers. {NYT}
With the crazy fluctuations in the markets these days and major investment firms being consumed like hot dogs on Coney Island, it makes perfect sense that Forbes would release its Rich List right now. And our favorite college dropout-cum-billionaire-cum philanthropist Bill Gates took back the top spot from Warren Buffet as the richest man with $57bn. {Guardian}

North Korea basically just said “well f**k you then!” to the US after the states did not come through on their promise to take NK off the “terrorism blacklist.” NK: “You want me to be a terrorist? Oh, I’ll be a terrorist! I’m restarting my nuclear plant and I don’t give a f**k about a blacklist.” {Globe and Mail}

Get excited! Mavado and Ding Dong (dancer) are starring in a new dancehall movie called What Goes Around Comes Around, directed by Steve “Tehut Nine” McAlpin and shot in South Florida. I can’t contain myself right now. {XLR8R}{Observer}

—Have a good weekend ladies… You deserve it!

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