Afternoon Tea 9.2.08

MTV News is asking if Brit should get another shot at the VMAs. Hater Numero Uno Perez Hilton said, “Don’t perform unless you can be as good as or better than you were back in the day.” I say, go get em girl! {MTV}

While we were enjoying our Memorial Day cook outs yesterday, s**t was still popping off in Thailand.  With at least one person dead from all the unrest around the PM, Bangkok is under a state of emergency. {BBC}

Google and Microsoft are going at it, click to click. Google hit em with a surprise attack, launching a new Web browser last night. Microsoft: “Drat!” {Guardian}

The time-honored US kids show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” is soon discontinuing its run on many PBS stations. Who’s going to calmly sing to the kiddies while sporting a grandpa sweater and enthusiastic puppets? Who’ll be our neighbor? **sniffle sniffle** Here’s Eddie Murphy’s SNL parody…at 5:11 {CT}

—Welcome back folks. Missed Ya. Kisses.

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