Afternoon Tea 9.22.08

I’ve been back in NYC for three months now and all I want is a beautiful beach and yummy beach food and isolation. Apparently Indonesia’s Lombok’s got all that plus all the quirky things that make a tiny island so endearing. I am searching flights now! {NYTimes}

Russia sent warships for a leisurely sail in the Caribbean to flex some muscle to the United States and say I am a big and strong world power; what you gonna do? I find this comical. How about you? {G&M}

Dude Travis Barker and DJ AM were seriously injured in a plane crash that killed four other people on Friday… Smh. Investigators think the crash was due to a blown tire. Trav and AM jumped out of the plane and tried to help each other extinguish the flames. The latest news is that they are going to recover. But damn. {MTV}

Guardian’s got the OG version of Bob Dylan’s Mississippi for free download… Go GET IT {Guardian}

—So Lombok’s kind of out of my budget right now. Think I’ll settle for a day on Montauk.

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