Afternoon Tea 9.23.08

Out now: Found Magazine’s cute book of “funny and poignant discarded notes.” This one makes me laugh a lot. {Guardian}

Remember when we told you about Malaysian writer Raja Petra Kamarudin, who was in trouble for talking smack on his blog. Well he’s gonna be detained for two years (or indefinitely) on charges of “insulting Islam.” All of a sudden America doesn’t look too bad eh? {BBC}

Talk about sticking it to the man! Over 60 recently fired workers of an Italian manufacturing company were arrested after they gave the company’s CEO, Lalit Kishore Choudhary, the beatdown of his life… literally the man is dead! {G&M}

At least nine people were killed in Finland’s Kauhajoki when a 20-year-old man carried out a school shooting at a local college. That sucks. What sucks for the shooter—he shot himself, but he didn’t die. They’re probably gonna f**k him up! {Al Jazeera}

—Here’s some more sad news folks. It’s only Tuesday! Love you.

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