Afternoon Tea 9.24.09

Me thinks the threat of nuclear warfare from North Korea is for real. Or does everyone think that this whole “we’re removing the nuclear seals and surveillance cameras” thing is a bluff to scare the world because Kim Jong Ill is really dead and the country’s pissed that the US didn’t take it off the terrorist list? {BBC}

China’s going back to outer space on Thursday! In China’s “third manned mission,” The Shenzhou VIII is set to take off from the Jiuquan space center for the country’s first “space walk.” {G&M}

So O.J.’s lawyers are moving for a mistrial. The fact is O.J. could get off (on a much different charge) due to shady prosecutors AGAIN! Oh and 82-year-old fames celebrity crime writer Dominick Dunne was hospitalized briefly but made it back to learn about the mistrial business. {E!}

The UN has set up an initiative to buy produce from small farms in Africa and Central America. Awesome! Hmm… I wonder if that could eventually be extended to Caribbean islands like Jamaica, and Haiti. {Guardian}

image credit: NYTimes

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