Afternoon Tea 9.25.08

Poor Busta Rhymes got detained by UK immigration officials who won’t let him enter the country due to “unresolved convictions.”  Busta flew to London for a free concert for charity volunteers. That’s the breaks! {Guardian}

In a showcase for Disney, Johnny Depp revealed that he’s getting set to don the poofy shirts, hair jewelry and drunk demeanor of Captain Jack Sparrow for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean.  He’s also getting set to play the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland.  Can’t wait for that!  A Veeery merry unbirthday to you! {NYmag}

Canadian authorities said “no way” to Mexican drug-trafficker Leopoldo Quintana Murillo’s refugee claim, despite his cries that the would surely be killed my the drug thugs upon returning to Mexico.  Murillo claims drug traffickers issued a $1 million contract on his life.  {G&M}

I love how President Bush, the same man who kept denying that the economy was in recession, is saying “our entire economy is in danger” to get US Congess to approve his bailout plan before his administration kicks the bucket.  {CNN}

And South Africa has a new prezzie.  SA parliament elected Kgalema Motlanthe, African National Congress’s deputy leader.  {Al Jazeera}

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