Afternoon Tea 9.26.08

My boyfriend on the sly, Sacha Baron Cohen crashed the Agatha de la Prada’s fashion show in Milan.  Needless to say, security was a little T’d off!  Loves him!  Rumor has it that this stuff will appear in his upcoming movie Bruno.{Jez} {Perez}
I thought the Somalia pirates thing would have been over by now.  The latest: pirates seized a Ukrainian ship carrying 33 tanks and other weapons. Meanwhile Zimbabwe’s Mugabe urges for the UN to lift sanctions for the sake of the country’s economy and South Africa swears in new President Kgalema Motlanthe {BBC}
Well it looks like McCain will attend the debate tonight after all, saying that he feels enough progress had been made on the wall street bailout to proceed.  {CNN}

I secretly LOVE Britney Spears!  But her new single “Womanizer” is here and I don’t love it.  It sounds like all the songs on her last album.  Sigh.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  {E!}

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