Afternoon Tea: 9.30.08

Mr. Walmart must feel pretty proud of himself for making an exclusive retail deal with to be released video game AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Back. {NYMag}

This is the second stampede story that I’ve heard in the past month. At least 147 people were trampled to death at a Hindu temple in north-western India when a wall collapsed, and mass panic broke out. {BBC}

“Think of us like a coast guard,” one of the Somali pirates said in a 45 minute long interview. A Mr. Sugule revealed that the pirates are hijacking ships to stop illegal fishing and dumping in their waters and that they had no idea that there would be weapons on the Ukrainian ship they recently hit up. {NYTimes}

Um excuse me! new Kanye West vs. MGMT… Hmmm …Listen here and tell us what you think ladies. {PMA}

Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney? Now they’re talking about how she’s supposedly dating 20 year old Justin Gaston (Miley is 15). {E!}

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