Afternoon Tea 9.3.08

This whole Sarah Palin’s daughter is preggers and keeping the baby scandal is a total mind f**k. Now, Bristol’s boyfriend/baby daddy 18-year-old Levi Johnston is going to attend the Republican National Convention. Nice way to keep your daughter’s life private Sarah. It’s clear that that’s what you really want. {MTV}
I told y’all not to play games with North Korea. You didn’t take Pyongyang of the sponsor of terror list and now she’s rebuilding her nuclear plant. You know there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned… That goes for countries that have been alienated as well. {BBC}
Usually the Guardian is spot on with their news. But when they published this article about Valium becoming the latest street drug, I thought, where have you been G. I guess they never heard that Queens of the Stone Age Song “Feel Good Hit of the Summer.” {Guardian}

So remember when we told you that Vybz Kartel was coming out with his own line of condoms to help promote safe sex. Why did homey decided to call them ‘Daggering Condoms.’ OUCH! {Yardflex}

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