Afternoon Tea 9.4.08

2008 is the year of really cool dudes passing away… The list is pretty extensive so we won’t even get into it, for fear of depressing ourselves. Another cool dude just got added to the list though. Bill Melendez, the animator responsible for the Charlie Brown Christmas movie among other Peanuts specials died on Tuesday at 91. Sniff Sniff. {E!}

I am sorry for the weird news that I’m about to impart to you ladies this afternoon, but I couldn’t help myself. A heroin addicted elephant in Beijing has just kicked the habit with detox. The elephant’s captors spiked his bananas in order to control him. Isn’t that effed up! Coincidentally his name is Big Brother. Big Brother underwent a year of methadone injections and is said to be just fine now. {Globe and Mail}

OK one more and that’s it! New evidence shows that the spread of the Roman Empire throughout Europe might be linked to the high vulnerability to HIV of people living in Rome’s former colonies. Apparently folks from countries that make up the former Roman Empire (that includes England, France, Greece and Spain) lack the “gene variant with protects against HIV.” {BBC}

K West has a new and FREE song for download. It’s called “The Stalker Song” and I know you want to know WTF that’s all about. {nymag} {Pretty Much Amazing}

—Bobbi’s going to the beach today, no matter how dreary it looks outside right now. Send me wishes of sunshine.

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