Afternoon Tea 9.5.08

Hurricane Hanna was the third tropical storm to dump all over Haiti in less than 21 days! With 200 deaths due to storms this summer, to call the flooding situation a crisis would be a total understatement. Now Hurricane Ike’s on his way and the UN warns that things are “likely to worsen.” {BBC}

Angolans are voting for the first time in 16 years! Don’t want to say I smell another Mugabe – leader-won’t-step-down situation, but my nose is itching. {BBC}

Meanwhile Ciara wears her birthday suit on the latest cover of VIBE Magazine {MTV}

My roommate has been following the crazy story of missing toddler Caylee Anthony and her mother and main suspect in Calyee’s disappearance Casey Anthony. Police finally arrested Casey after she was bailed out a few weeks ago and now some anonymous person has posted bail for her again. {ABC}

—After some major shake-ups this week, Bobbi is ready to party her ass off this weekend. See you Monday ladies, hangover and all.

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