Afternoon Tea 9.9.08

Sometimes it can be lonely at the top. While delivering the keynote speech at the annual Conference of the White House Initiative on National Historically BLack Colleges and Universities, Condoleeza Rice said there’s not enough black people in the State Department. {CNN}

Remember when Verne Troyer‘s (a.k.a. Mini Me) sex tape came out and we couldn’t help but watch that clip of him with the long tongue. Well someone (probs him) released Sex with Mini Me and it’s on the market for anyone who’s into that sort of thing to enjoy. NSWE (Not Safe While Eating) {E!}

I’ve been obsessed with the spread of meth amphetamines ever since I saw spun. One of the latest reports says that the crank has caught on in developing countries.  I can not begin to imagine the horrible impact that stuff is going to have on those countries… smh. {BBC}

Courts ordered Thailand’s Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej, and his entire cabinet to resign after Mr. Sundaravej was found guilty of violating a ban on government ministers “having outside interests,” by accepting money to host a TV cooking show. Who took the cookie from the cookie jar… Sundaravej took the cookie from the cookie jar… who me? Couldn’t be! {BBC}

—It’s a windy September morning in Brooklyn, New York. I predict lots of coffee and a good book.

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