Curly or Straight?

How do you usually wear your locks? If your hair is curly, do you straighten it for job interviews? What about dates with a gentleman you’re really interested in? Do you straighten it then? Latina breaks down curly vs. straight hair using the twins pictured, Mariel (l) and Maziel (r), of Dominican descent. .“Over the years, Mariel has had to get used to comments from her family like pajonua or monua (someone with rowdy or unmanageable hair). Meanwhile, her identical twin sister Maziel, a school teacher in New York who has exactly the same hair texture, wears her hair bone straight. The way they are perceived by society, family, friends and the opposite sex is dramatically different. “I’ve had plenty of men—mostly black and Latino—ask me why I don’t make my hair straight like my sister’s cause they think it looks better,” says Mariel.”
What do you think your hair says about you?
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