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Death of Adam Brings New Life to Music

Last week, J Bakes, D Steel and I were treated to an evening of music, theatrics and one of the most creative listening parties that we have been to in quite some time.  Producer and artist 88 Keys presented his upcoming album “The Death of Adam” in true style at a private loft in NYC.  Who is Adam?  Well you have to listen to the album to find out.  But everyone from Q Tip, Esthero and Bilal came through to send their farewells, with the eulogy presented by none other than Donell “Ashy Larry” Rawlins.

Big Ups to the crew who planned this innovative marketing concept. In an industry full of cookie cutter music and run-of-the-mill events, it’s refreshing to see someone who is putting a little creativity behind their work.  Listen to the first single, “Stay Up (Viagra)” here.

Want more? Check these video clips that have been released online:

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