Detroit, Say Goodbye To Kwame

Newsie! Kwame Kilpatrick has pleaded guilty to two felonies and agreed to step-down from office this morning. Don’t get us started on why (perjury, fraud, affairs, death, etc). In addition to resigning, Kilpatrick will serve 120 days in jail, repay the city $1million and surrender his law license. Recap yourself here, here and here. Besides, any mayor caught with the above ensemble on should be in jail.

All jokes aside, this is super sad. Heralded as the “Hip-Hop Mayor”, Kilpatrick was a part of the wave of young, minoroty leadership being ushered into public office, along with Cory Booker of Newark and Adrian Fenty of Washington, DC. All three faced roadblocks during their tenure but Kwame took “hip-hop” a little too literal. With gentlemen such as Barack Obama and New York’s Kevin Powell (yes, the guy from the 1st Real World), among others poised to assume leadership this fall, one can only hope that Kilpatrick will be the classic “not to do” case that anyone is leadership can learn from.

Read the Detroit Free Press article here.

ps. I don’t want to see any “Free Kwame” t-shirts! When will we learn?

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