Fashion Week Rundown: JBaker Says…

Words can’t tell you enough about how excited I am for fall, but lord knows I am jumping up and down for spring after witnessing the gems that I have seen during fashion week this week, especially based on this Matthew Williamson design to the left. Here are some of my favorite picks from your favorite Parlour chick:
**Steely D co-sign**

• OK, so if you were at the Marc Jacobs show, you were ALSO wondering, WTF? My theory is right…he has graduated to being my accessory designer of choice since his bags are increasingly better than his signature collection as of late (Marc by Marc Jacobs, on the other hand is kinda rad), but what can you do? I love this look, the shape, the draping…it’s like Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface and Tom Ford circa Gucci had a lovechild. I just need to find somewhere to wear it to….

• Ever see a dress and just say “damm!”? I did this when Ms. Arlenis Sosa came down the ramp with this Carlos Miele mini-dress on. Brown-girl power meets great design. Yes, it’s great. I know.

• This is a great dress. But expect to see this Doo Ri piece on about 15 celebs. Trust.

• For some reason, why do I think that Michael Kors was watching Pretty Woman when designing this? All I wanna say is “stomping of the divots will begin now!”

• Charlotte Ronson’s collection left me wanting something else…as in pieces that aren’t hanging in Forever 21 RIGHT NOW. But, I LOVE this look! Soft meets rough, and it revived my love of pink/flesh tone and blue.

• I saw this look come down the runway in the tents as I was waiting for the Tracy Reese show. I don’t think that this photo does the vibrancy of this DKNY look any justice. It’s clean, sexy, and very New York, me loves + the shoes!! Steely D no likey the shoes…

• This dress makes me want to throw a bridal shower! Be a Hampton’s hostess! Do anything that would be worthy of me flaunting this frock around my house and directing “the help” at my summer soirée. Maybe I will just go play “pretend” at Tracy Reese’s shop on Hudson street when it appears on the rack. Bring on the fantasy!

Ok lovelies. Did you survive like I did? Tell me YOUR faves! After this week, I am fashioned OUT. Until then…


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