HOMEGIRL: The Snitch

So I have settled in nicely into my new digs. But more and more people have been moving into my building and it’s been awhile since I lived in such close proximity to others. It’s been quite an adjustment because my neighbors haven’t been as courteous as they should be. Here are a few examples:
My next-door neighbor had a party that lasted late into the night. No problem, I understand you want to party, but your guests can not put their beer bottles in my potted plants. So I put the bottle back on her patio. Can you believe that after a month, that bottle is still sitting there?

For the last few weeks, I’ve noticed cigarette butts on my patio. It seemed like there was a new cigarette lying around everyday. I didn’t know where they could have come from. I thought it was the neighbor who had the party, so I put them back on her patio. I thought it was the guy on the second floor, so I through them back onto his balcony. But last week, as I was outside talking on the phone in my backyard, a cigarette with the fire still burning almost hits me on the arm. I look up to see where it came from, and I see a cloud of smoke coming from the third floor balcony. Before I could yell up to them, the door slammed. I stormed around my house, heated.

What should I do? Do I go up there now and curse them out? Do I take all the cigarette butts that I swept up and put them on their door step? I wrote a nasty letter, and then tore it up. I decided to tell the property manager instead. Come to find out, it wasn’t the tenant, it was his girlfriend. Well, tell your guests what is appropriate.

I had a friend come to stay at my house last weekend. It was really late, my neighborhood is borderline sketchy, so I wanted him to park in the garage. As we come around the corner, we notice that my new neighbor across the hall is having a party and all his guests’ cars were blocking the entrance to the garage. This is unacceptable. Luckily there was another garage in another building and my garage opener worked on that gate. But my friend and I could not get over how “wack” my neighbor was for having the garage blocked. So again, I tell the property manager.

I am feeling like a snitch at this point because I have told on two people. But the fact is, I pay too much rent for me to have any problems of any sort with my neighbors. This would be considered an upscale property in many eyes (including mine). So your beer bottles, cigarette butts, inconsiderate company or obnoxious, oversized sports team rugs in the hall like you are in college have to go. And I have no problem raising that red flag.


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