How Old We Talkin’?

There are some things in life that will always baffle me. And up there high on the list (it’s very long) will be why the brilliant PR of R. Kelly let him do that damn BET interview. I mean really, was he prepped at all? “What do you mean by teenaged?” What? And confessing to having 19 year old “friends?” Huh? You’re a 40 year old man, why in the hell do you have friends half you’re age? I’m 29 and have issues relating to the average 25 year old because the mentality and maturity is off. I’m protective of them because most don’t know shit about shit. There’s nothing wrong with young people, of course, but dammit, I don’t relate to them. And you, someone their daddy’s age, call them friends? Why? (Other than the obvious.)

I honestly had forgotten about Robert and that damn trial. He was found not guilty even though there’s no way in hell you can convince me that wasn’t him on the sex tape. (He and OJ are guilty. I don’t care if 12 people decided otherwise.) But whatever. Somehow, I remembered Kells more for Chocolate Factory and Trapped In the Closet than for peeing on children. (Say what you want about the man, he makes good music.) But this interview just brought back all that I’d tried to put out of my mind.

I gotta admit, R-uh looked damn good with a crisp shape up, but this man is in serious denial about his problem. And like Jacko, this won’t be the last time we hear about him and young girls. He got away with that ish at trial and now thinks he’s invincible. He will fuck up again. I just hope it’s not your daughter (or his own) that he corrupts.

Lord, in all this ranting, I forgot the point of this post. I spent a portion of the day trying to explain to misguided people why R. Kelly was dead wrong for sexing (and peeing) on that girl. First, she was 14. And I knew plenty of 21 year old women, including myself, who didn’t stand a chance with basic game from men their age, so this CHILD defintiely didn’t stand a chance against a THIRTY something year old MAN/monster. Second, at 14 you’re still a child (think back.) You’re a freshman in high school, you can’t even drive, much less drink or vote. You can barely form complete sentences no matter how grown you think you are. Third, the girl in the video looked 12. I could ride a little harder for Robert if his defense was, “I thought she was legal,” but lil’ mama actually looked younger than her age. Four, the man has daughters! At no point, did he think, “I would kill a n*gga if they did this to one of my daughters.” (I won’t even get into the wife’s denial.) Ugh!

Some chick I encountered actually argued that because the girl is an adult by now and hasn’t pressed charges that she must have wanted and consented to what Robert did to her. WHAT? She chose to overlook that the girl’s parents and she (the girl) lived well off their silence all these years. (In all liklihood, Robert paid them off.) Or that the girl might not want her name and adult face splashed over tabloids as the girl that got peed on by R. Kelly. Or she might just want to move on and pretend the whole thing never happened. Women don’t press charges against thier abusers for a number of reasons, the unlikeliest of which is “I wanted it.”

Can I take for granted that we agree that young girl was not at fault? And that an older man took advantage of her? I don’t care if she was sexually experienced before R-uh or if she was the neighborhood “whore.” Her getting hit off by a old man, ’cause that’s what 30 is to 14, is dead wrong… And not her fault. And I’m pissed that anyone could think different. If you think I’m riled up, you’re right. Someone has to stand up for GIRLS who can’t/won’t stand up for themselves. This m*therf*cker (R. Kelly) has p*ssed me off. I’m done.

Yes, the man’s made classic albums and he’s kinda fine. But that’s no excuse to justify this nonsense.


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