Keep The Faith—On Your Shelf

Over the summer, we created the ultimate trashy beach-reading list, full of scandalous tell-alls, glitteratti glam tales and guilty pleasures. Were they fun? Yes. Unforgettable? Not so much. Aside from a few key details, this Parlourista wasn’t interested in retaining the blow-by-blow ‘blows’ of Karrine “Superhead” Stephens and the like. So after a hard day, when I noticed Faith Evans’ “Keep The Faith” in a local store window, I thought that surely this read would be another great escape into the world of hip-hop glam and excess, a welcome fantasy into her life. After some bits of the book about her beatin’ up on Lil Kim had surfaced…this was gonna be added to the list right? Wrong.
It’s good. No, it’s very good. With the help with Aliya S. King, Faith manages to weave a tale that is cautionary, evocative, honest and savvy. If you want to know the raunchy details of the sex life with her legendary husband, The Notorious B.I.G., you may be a bit disappointed. Overall, the book is low on “juicy bits” and high on little known facts and stories that really do make you wonder what she is gonna reveal next about your favorite hip-hop star. Since the memoir seems to be every woman’s newest remix album, Faith’s advantage is that she offers up her life with the good and the (very) bad as a lesson to learn from, and like she does often in the book—she moves on. The book isn’t without it’s petty points at times, but then again what woman isn’t?

All in all, “Keep The Faith” is like one of the lines that made Evans’ late husband famous…it goes from “ashy to classy” and manages to please. Perfect timing for the upcoming movie.


Keep The Faith, by Faith Evans with Aliya S. King

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