Live Blogging: MTV VMA’s 2008 (sorta…)

**Do you see the LIP RING on his face?!? I knew it!!!**

Bakes 8:43 PM: are you watching the preshow? I need to know why Sway is in a helicopter.

Steely 8:50 PM: lol you ready? for brit brit?

Bakes 8:55 PM: yeah. im also ready to make coffee. the preshow—yawn.

Steely 8:56 PM: I love Ciara but her hair…hmmmm. BORING.

Bakes 8:56 PM: Look, it’s Jeezy in an Obama-mobile!!! “and i love it….eeeyyyyy!”

Steely 8:57 PM: i hate paris’ hair…(huge weave…HUGE) benji + paris? didn’t they break up?

Bakes 8:57 PM: Paris’ weave is so apparent.

Steely 8:58 PM: this is worst than the chick’s weave in line at the Tracy Reese show today…

Bakes 8.58 PM: all that money and she has a Fulton street do?
Steely 9:05 PM: this chic Britney better not just talk, I’m going to be salty…this superbad kid is minorly hilarious
Bakes 9:06 PM ok, this is not funny. but Brit’s hair looks so much better! **telepathically tells Brit to share her stylist with Paris…**
Steely 9:07 PM: her weave does look better…i’m proud of her. **The Superbad kid blatantly mentions VERIZON’s phone** smh…PRODUCT PLACEMENT
Bakes 9:08 PM: ha!
Steely 9:08 PM: please dance Britney…please?
Bakes 9:08 PM: dance, smoke a joint, do SOMETHING (just don’t have more kids). Ok, wow, Demi Moore looks good while presenting this award.
Steely 9:09 PM: she looks GREAT. No wonder this show is such a snooze, there’s like 40 people in the audience…and it’s on a sound stage. Ugh…

RIHANNA’s Performance…
Steely 9:09 PM: is this a Thriller tribute? oh no
Bakes 9:09 PM: its Rihanna! (pan to chris camera man, pan to chris!!)
Steely 9:10 PM: i unapologeticaly heart rihanna…
Bakes 9:10 PM: yeah- i love her but i me no likey her outfit. its boring.
Steely 9:11 PM: it’s TOO halloween
Bakes 9:11 PM: yeah! and it will be on sale at Ricky’s TOMORROW
Steely 9:12 PM: I’m gonna be rihanna for halloween, damn salt n pepa
Bakes 9:12 PM: why are they playing seven nation army? oh rih rih
Steely 9:13 PM: because she wants to be EDGY SO BAD

Bakes 9:13 PM: the singing?

Steely 9:14 PM: bring out trent reznor and play some NIN then she’d be official
Bakes 9:14 PM: sorry Steelz. me no likey the sangin
Steely 9:14 PM: bumm bumm bidumdum
Bakes 9:15 PM: i can just imagine her singing “I wanna f*ck you like an animal” with Trent.
Steely 9:15 PM: YES!!! damn, that sucked
Bakes 9:16: yeah, it was fuzzy balls.

This is when we quit, because the show sucked fuzzy balls. Remember when the VMA’s were good in like 1990? Artists like Madge would TEAR IT DOWN with Elaborate performances like “Vogue?” Sigh…I think it was because the VMA’s began as a show for people in teens and mid-20s folks as opposed to kids and tweens. **see the Jonas Bros performance** And the poor host Russell Brand, he’s actually REALLY funny- but the show was such a clunker, he never had a chance. Also- note to MTV: WE KNOW EVERY AWARD BRITNEY RECEIVED FOR “PIECE OF ME” WAS FOR POLITICAL REASONS, NOT BECAUSE OF TALENT AND WE DON’T APPRECIATE IT.

We just thought we’d tell you guys that…Thank you and goodnight.

Madge: Vogue

Britney + N’Sync: when they were good too…I used to wait allllll year for their performances.

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