Now I have never been a mama’s boy. Actually me and my mom had a far share of drama during my come up, but at the end of the day I always exercised a healthy amount of respect. At the same time that’s my mother and I’m sorta like a Corleone because I never take sides against the family. But damn shit is real and at times I just have a hard time maintaining the peace between my wife and my mom. 

On one hand, my moms is straight up crazy. Like she has issues, but she could be a serial killer, it doesn’t matter to me much. On the other hand my wifey, bless her heart, is the most stubborn human being I’ve ever met. Knowing this a few years ago I made the biggest mistake a dude can ever make, I had my wife and my mother under the same roof. Yeah it’s the stuff that horror flicks are made of. When wifey and I were in the middle of closing on a house we moved in with my folks, just so we didn’t have to renew our lease and take a loss. The closing turned into a nightmare and the deal fell through, we actively searched for another home but it took about year, because I refused to just settle on any old house. Living in the same home, wifey and ma dukes would go days on end without speaking to each other, talk about uncomfortable. Nowadays things are much better because we have our own space, but at times the tension is still weird.

The question is what is it about the mother/daughter-in-law relationship that is so difficult for women. I mean me and my father-in-law get along fine. Get us a couple of beers and a game and we’re good! How do the women of Parlour get along with their in laws (or if you aren’t married then your man’s mama)?

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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