Morning Coffee 8.12.08

Things I learned in kindergarden; share. And so it is with Zimbabwe, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former president Robert Mugabe are back to saying they’re going to share power of the country. Like last time- Hm… [LAT]
This is just madd funny. The intelligent breakdown of your average freestyle battle. [OS]
Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and Daddy Yankee wants you to respect his. The Reggaeton MC endorsed McCain recently, then was dissed by Fat Joe for his decision. Now, Yankee says el senador’s positions on immigration and veteran’s benefit made him support McCain— even though he can’t vote in America. Hm… [MTV]

Hurricane Ike was headed for Houston, TX last night and the city’s officials called for an evacuation. Smh…Is any place safe? [BBN]

Hopefully I’m on the way to a steamy Zane screening for her new Skinemax Cinemax show, The Sex Chronicles, which begins airing on October 10. I’ll holler back with my thoughts, I’m sure they’ll be PLENTY. lol… Steely D

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