Morning Coffee 8.15.08

Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for $50 Billion, Lehman Brothers has gone under and A.I.G. is asking the federal government to loan them $50 billion to crawl out of debt. Wall Street is TEARING THEIR HAIR OUT right now… [NYT]

Here’s a heart-warming story in the midst of all of the Hurricane Ike havoc: a father and his autistic son fearlessly tread water for 12 hours until they were rescued. The father says the boy wasn’t afraid because his autism doesn’t allow him to fear death. [CNN]

In South Africa, president Mbeki might be ousted as a government judge decided that he used apartheid-style tactics to stop Jacob Zuma from becoming the next leader of S.A. [Guardian]

Here’s the NYTimes’ photog Bill Cunningham’s take on Spring fashion. Ladies, he says purses are out and sky-scraping heels are IN! [NYT]

Is it just me or was this weekend in NYC like the dog days of August? Am I wrong for wearing a sundress in September? How was the weather where you are? Am I the only one sweltering?

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