Morning Coffee 8.16.08

Did you know that there was a breast cancer vaccine? I didn’t. Tests show that it kinda works but I’m going to have to ask Ms. Skeptical to give me the particulars on this newbie before joining the party. I’ve been wrong before. [WashPo]

Barack laughs off McCain’s attempt to jack his campaign swag, Palin speaks on the financial disasters of this weekend and McCain’s poll increase from the Republican National Convention is gone…

FEMA seems to be on it with Hurricane Ike clean-up. Still, approximately 38 people have died, millions are without power and gas prices are extremely high in this area because Texas produces alot of it’s own gas. [NYT]

OK- so Kim Osorio, former EIC of The Source Magazine wrote a book, Straight From The Source, about her life as EIC, including her bedfellows. Everyone’s focusing on her sexual relationships with Nas and 50 Cent, and 50’s even come out and said that she “licked my balls when they weren’t worth much.” Sigh. Read some excerpts here if you haven’t already and tell me what you think this means for women and journalism. [XXL]

OJ Simpson’s kidnapping and robbery trial opened yesterday- does this stem from that hotel debacle last year? I’m confused… [LAT]

Do you like it when I put the link in the blurb or do you like yours separate? Lemme know ladies (and gents…). Also, ladies- don’t forget to do your breast exams. There’s a new strain of breast cancer that’s effecting primarily younger brown women. Take care of your bodies- you only get one, as my mother says- and that means more than just hitting the gym.- Steels

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