Morning Coffee 9.3.08

Looks like it’s finally over for Detriot’s pimp mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. A judge ruled that the ousting hearing can proceed and Kilpatrick’s lawyers have advised him to plead guilty to at least two of the eight felony charges of perjury against him. He’ll also give up pension benefits, pay a six-figure restitution and agree not to run for office for two years along with 300 hours of community service and his resignation. Think this’ll make the Detroit population think twice about voting in a “hip-hop” politician? [DFP] [Bossip] .

Were you wondering what Lindsay Lohan thought of this whole Palin pregnancy thing? OF COURSE YOU WERE! Lilo shares her unbiased, non-druggie thoughts on her MySpace…again. **Mean Girls ‘fo Life!** [MTV]

In July, several women were shot and allegedly buried alive in Pakistan because they wanted to marry men of their own choice rather than follow their culture’s arraigned marriage ethos. Now, police are exhuming their bodies and arresting their family members for possibly killing them. Yeesh. [BBC]

I know I’m late but I was trying to give folks time to catch up on their DVR’d Gossip Girl (heart*). Here’s the rundown…poor Chuck Bass? Maybe not poor Chuck Bass? And how are Blair and Nate all of a sudden sooooo ok with being “friends?” And hey! Where’s the token magical ethnically ambiguous brown person Vanessa? [NYMag]

Don Cheadle’s Traitor racked up 11 million in it’s opening week, which is great for a black man in a leading role. [RT]

Ok, so it’s Wednesday…Tristan Wilds aka Mike from The Wire aka baby Chris Brown debuted on UPN’s tacky remake of 90210, thoughts?

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