Morning Coffee 9.09.08

Bryan Abrams, the lead singer of Color Me Badd, (remember that semi-cute white boy?), was knocking people out in Oklahoma City last week. It’s indeed been a long time since “I Wanna Sex You Up”[TMZ]
The American woman who killed her one month-old baby by cooking the infant in a MICROWAVE is going to jail for life. I just watched Gone, Baby, Gone this weekend…I may never have children. seriously. [BBC]
MSNBC has gotten rid of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews ( who also reminds me of a muppet), two of the most interesting anchors on the political campaign trail. I guess I’m relegated to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his dreamy eyes.  [NYT] .

Russia agreed to a minor pull-out from Georgia: “After a tense four-hour meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Russia’s president, Dmitri Medvedev, announced Monday that Russia agreed to withdraw its troops by mid-October from its positions in Georgia outside the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.” [Internat’lHerald]

Graf artist Claw Money is remixing My Little Pony- I expect small horses with lots of…claws. [Fashionista]

Is it just me or did Weeds get REALLY serious last night? Chopping off arms and dead people? I don’t think anyone’s ever really been shot to death on that show before even though it’s about the drug trade. I kept waiting for the joke and…yeah, I’m still waiting but it was great! lol…Oh yeah, and Bey is not only married but WORE HER WEDDING RING at Fashion Rocks last Friday! Why is this news? Happy Tuesday!

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