Morning Coffee 9.10.08

With love in my heart, I must say that I don’t know about this outfit. Lupe Fiasco…wore this to the VMA’s and both MissInfo and I are confused. I usually love Lu’ and his cute little glasses but not so much with these riding boots on a late summer day in LOS ANGELES where it was probably about 80 degrees and JOHN BLAZE. But it’s OK, I’ll still cuddle with him. [MissInfo]
Thai courts to PM Samak Sundaravej: “If you baste those noodles…YOU’RE FIRED!” Apparently the Prime minister hosted a cooking show and the courts want him out for cuddling a few mixing bowls. Yeesh, so touchy… [WashPo]
Stevie Jobs + Apple introduced a new iPod the other day, but that’s about it. I’m waiting for a laptop that can cook, sleep and eat FOR me. Do you want one? I do. [NYT]
Gloria Steinem goes in on discusses Palin’s message of woman power in an OP-ED. I see you Dems, trying to use feminists to discredit Palin’s feminist approach. Thoughts ladies? [LAT] .

Gone? Russia’s pulled out most of it’s troops but left 7,600 in Georgia’s breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Does that still qualify as occupation? Me thinks yes. [BBC] .

WORD ON THE STREET: Beyonce announced November 18 as the release date for her next album, along with two singles dropping in early October- “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies.” Everyone keeps saying- “The album sounds different than what you’d expect…” Just what do they think we expect? Ballads? Syrupy ballads about her newly deepened love for Mr. Carter ala “Dangerously In Love?” OF COURSE WE DO! lol…**disclaimer: I stan for the former Miss Knowles. Without “Get Me Bodied”– I would not have survived 2007. What other dance was I supposed to do in the morning?**

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