Morning Coffee 9.11.08

Pigs + lipstick + Obama + Palin = McCain = huh? Read it all in the link. (as you can see, the pig lipstick comparison isn’t new…) [LAT]

WOW. According to CNN, the oil companies watchdogs within the US government is experiencing quite a bit of, erm…, drama right now. “Key government officials overseeing the energy industry had sex with, used illegal drugs with, and accepted gifts from representatives of oil and gas companies they were supposed to be regulating, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Department of the Interior’s inspector general.” [CNN]

There may be another The Devil Wears Prada flick about Vogue on the way- from the male’s perspective. Hm… oh yeah, start doing those crunches NOW- half tops are all the range for Spring. [F1] [F2]

I am one step closer to seeing what I assume will be an epic performance by Benicio Del Toro as Che in theaters. Why? Because director Steven Sodebergh finally retained IFC Films as his disributor. YES! [AP]

MIsery loves company. Experts predict that the UK, Germany and Spain will join the American recession this year. Sorry UK Palourettes (and Miss London…) [BBC]

Is it Thursday? Do you promise?

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