Morning Coffee 9.18.09

from yellowrebel
Here are the Cool Kids performing at Mountain Dew’s Green Sound Label party. Counting these kids, Matt & Kim and Flosstradamus as acts, or at least performers, it looks like it’s cooler to be signed to a soda label than a body spray label**cough Jermaine Dupri & Tag Records cough** Just saying. [MissInfo]

OK, remember when Kenrya and I told you to check your stocks (providing you have some…)? The Dow Jones lost about 450 points. Blame A.I.G. [Y]

Maybe Fortune and Forbes aren’t such experts on the financial industry? Both said Merrill Lynch was a fine and stable company earlier this year, and Forbes specifically said “Aside from its obvious troubles—afflicting all the largest financial institutions (see chart)—Merrill is in damn good shape… Part of Thain’s job, like that of a good physician, is to do no harm. Meaning: Keep the cash machine going…” Yeesh. [Gawker]

Metallica busted onto the Billboard charts and sold almost 500, 000 copies of Death Magnetic. RAWK!!! I feel like it’s the 90’s/ late 80’s again, lol…until the Killers come out again. [MTV]

Jazmin Sullivan’s album is pretty good and her song” Dream Big” samples one of my fave Daft Punk songs “Veridis Quo.” Saw her at the Knitting Factory last night- yup, same spot as Kanye and them last week- and her voice is AH-mazing! I love that lil’ girl. – Steels

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