Morning Coffee 9.2.08

Halle Berry took a trip to the zoo with one of the cutest babies alive, hers Nahla. Berry even showed a new piece of jewelry that looks like an engagement ring… [EWise] .
Hurricane Gustav beat up the Gulf Coast this weekend, except this time Republicans- who postponed the Republican National Convention in sensitivity to the national crisis– and even US President Bush took notice. All but 10,000 natives evacated the NO according to reports and the levees seemed to have held up. But like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I expect that we’ll find out the minority truth a few days from now. [BBC] [NYT]

Speaking of Republicans, Republican VP hopeful Palin is going to be a grandmother. Her teen daughter announced that she is pregnant and then McCain’s released a press statement saying that she is keeping the baby. My question is whether the young Palin really wanted to keep her child or whether she had to sacrifice her freedom for her mother’s political career? Thoughts? [DP]

Do you like these MJ purple boots? Are you ready for the madness that will be fall fashion shopping??? [SB]

Kanye met Obama and afterwards Oprah, Mary J Blige, Forrest Whitaker each talk about Obama’s DNC speech. [Ye] [ATCN]

It’s officially September. This year is almost over ladies, so start pricing/buying those Thanksgiving and Holiday plane tickets NOW. Also, it’s NYC fall fashion week in a few so hopefully we’ll see some nice trends to hip you to as the week continues…

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