Morning Coffee 9.22.08

McCain on 60 Minutes…Smh. You notice that folks call Barack by his first name but call McCain, um, McCain? Why do you think that is? [CBS]

It’s over…“Thabo Mbeki has formally resigned as the president of South Africa, a day after accepting a call by the governing African National Congress to quit.” [BBC]

A good friend of mine broke down Sarah Palin’s history of violence against women in her own icy backyard. Did you know that she makes rape victims, often of lower income, pay for their own rape kits? WTF? [AP]

Do you think cosmetic company, CoverGirl, is progressive or pandering to women of color and alternative lifestyles by choosing Queen Latifah and Ellen as spokesfolks? All I know is I regularly use Latifah’s mascara- it’s good! lol… [Jeze]

Essence tells you (and me) how to squeeze our paychecks after last week’s financial episode of War of the Worlds. READ IT. [E]

The Emmy’s were last night and the only thing I cared about was Tina Fey’s beautiful dress, sans glasses. I thought she looked elegant. Thoughts?

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