Morning Coffee 9.23.08

AIG’s cheif, Robert Willumstad, has forfeited his benefits package. Way to take one for the company. Also, here’s a short breakdown of the repercussions of the company’s failure. [G] [NYMag]
OK, you remember The Departed, aka one of my fave movies? Well, Boston’s James “Whitey” Bulger might be the inspiration for that gangster film. So interesting! [BG]
Speaking of, do you want to see Body of Lies, with Leo and Russell Crowe? I kinda do. Watch the trailer here.
In the UK, PM Gordon Brown is going to give a speech, hopefully rallying his Labour party. BUT, his speech could be overshadowed by England’s Barack, better known as the handsome and young, David Miliband. Miliband is the foreign secretary and also, Miss London’s Boy of Summer. I’m a fan too. Good luck Brown! [BBC]

Oh no, Latarian Milton, that kid that stole his grandma’s car to do “some hood rat sh*t” has stolen her car AGAIN. It’s funny, but it’s sad. Watch the clip in the link because I’m not officially posting that. [D-listed]

Save the babies…Save them.-Steels Magnolia

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