Morning Coffee 9.24.08

Here’s Bush saying that Terrorism is unacceptable. Erm, does that apply to the US too Mr. Bush? Hm. Not to mention Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said out loud…at the UN general assembly…that the US is about to crumble like the Roman Empire. Interestingly, I thought the same thing when Bush was initially voted in… What country are you escaping to when the apocalypse comes? **hops off soap box** [Al Jezeera]

Remember the Chinese milk that was killing babies last week? Well, the Sanlu Group, the milk company, knew last year that their product was dangerous. Smh…This is why people should breast feed. Your chest might not be so attractive but your kids will be healthy…and alive. [NYT]

To keep that good news rolling, women of color between 20- 30 years old have displaced white women in receiving abortions. I feel a Lupe Fiasco song coming on…somehow this news makes me sad. Perhaps this is why black people are on track to be displaced as the largest minority in America. While I’m pro-choice, please…Stop getting abortions! [WashPo]

It’s fashion week in Milan!!! Burberry, Armani, Missoni…looks like the pieces are relaxed unlike the world’s contemporary vibe. [Y!]

Do you like Ciara’s new joint “Go Girl” featuring T-Pain? The video’s dropping the second week of October and after that Vibe cover, I expect NO CLOTHES. Tastefully, of course. Lol…maybe her longtime rumored bf 50 Cent can hold her boobs like that infamous Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover… Also, am I the only one slightly depressed by the recession and the stocks tumbling down around us? Seriously, am I?

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