Morning Coffee 9.26.08

By now we should all be aware that McCain is “suspending” his campaign for the “economy’s sake,” but David Letterman wasn’t having it. John stood him up, said he was catching a flight but he was really catching Katie Couric…Voters are watching. [R]

Meanwhile, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are going to share a bit of nuclear power…Chavez has spoken out against the US before so naturally Putin is fond of him. I hope someone in our government is taking note of this… [Reuters]

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump remixed Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.” Hm…thoughts? [MTV]

We did a political fashion SPREAD- did you see it? [PLR]

It’s Friday…Will there be a presidential debate to actually watch tonight? Are you going to watch Chris Rock’s Kill The Messenger on Saturday, 9/27? I think it may be a repeat of the show he performed on New Year’s Eve that JBakes, Mahogs, Zoe and I attended this January. It was funny…until we almost had to knock this disrespectful guy out…long story. Happy Friday!

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