Morning Coffee 9.29.08

Tina Fey is at it again, oh Sarah Palin… [WSHH]

Congressional leaders and the White House agreed to a $700 billion rescue of the ailing financial industry after lawmakers insisted on sharing spending controls with the Bush administration. But the Republicans refuse to tie the bailout to a home owner relief. Hm. [CBS] [MSNBC]

At 83, Paul Newman passed this weekend of cancer. As one of the most liberal guys out there, here’s a run down of his politics. [TheNation]

Would you date this man? His outfit is wild madness. I love it. [Sartorialist]

So the war on terror? not so successful according to a BBC poll. 30% of people say the US policies have strengthened Al-Qaeda. Check out the rest of the stats- like whether the US and Al Qaeda are at a stalmate- in the link. [BBC] [BBC2]

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