Morning Coffee 9.4.08

Two republican pundits, strategist Michael Murphy and Wall Street Journalist column Peggy Noonan, covering the Republican National Convention were caught saying the race “is over” after they’d finished their live feed. Apparently they forgot that their part wasn’t…over. [CSM]

Meanwhile, McCain is championing his choice of Palin as his running mate regardless of the recent teenpregnancypossiblydisguisedasafirstbutreallycouldbeasecondbabyforbristolpalin debacle. Go America! [ABC]

My necked snapped when I read this…no disrespect to what’s happening in Georgia, it’s wildness over there. But… “The US has announced $1bn (£564m) of aid to Georgia for reconstruction after the conflict with Russia.” Can my cousin in New Orleans (currently taking shelter in Atlanta) get a bit of that dough? [BBC]

A plea deal is getting closer and closer for Detroit’s pimp Mayor Kilpatrick. [AP]

Just after Gustav, Hurricane Hannah tears through the West Indies and may be aiming for the east coast of the US. [BB]

Is it Friday yet? My girl’s dragging me to Sin City tonight for her birthday party…yep, you read right, it’s a Bronx strip club. Hopefully there won’t be too many bullet wounds or scary Player’s Club-type shenanigans. Pray for me.- Steels Deeez

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