Morning Coffee: 9.5.08

So in the middle of yesterday’s Palindrome (you like that right? Or am I vocab-challenged?), I totally missed that Serena smashed on her big sis Venus at the US Open! 2 snaps up in a circle for those outfits! [ESPN]

Ok. So I decided not to lead with American politics since that has been the Parlour de’jour as of late. But did you see McCain last night? I guess he is letting Sarah be his “pitbull in a skirt”, in the words of rapstress, Eve? Now that he is all about “change” too? I’m confused. [NYTimes]

Across the pond, the UK government is a bit perturbed that popular radio dj’s are encouraging excessive drinking. Did they forget that it is a part of the culture to get smashed? [Telegraph]

I’m not one to talk about “good face”, but did Tyra’s makeup artist forget to match the foundation with the rest of the body when he/she prepped her for her Bazaar cover event? I’m just saying…[Bossip]

The Washington Post is just getting around to covering “fro-hawks aka Black mohawks”. Is it 2003 again? C’mon DC! I rep everyday! [WashPo]

The UN says that the wealthy are failing to aid to poor. It’s also Friday. Big news. [BBC]

If you are in NY, run, don’t walk to catch the Salvador Dali exhibit at MoMA before it closes! [MoMA]

Who knew I would miss serving the coffee so much? I may have to give Steely a monthly break! Have a good weekend ladies!! JBaker is ouuuutttttttt.

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