Morning Coffee 9.8.08

Entourage returned last night…I never want to see Turtle without a shirt EVER again. But, Ari, you’re still my boo. Overall? Not that exciting but I’m hoping it’s a set up episode…ESPECIALLY since my girl Blair from Gossip Girl – don’t hate- is guesting this season.

The US government took on the debt of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What’s this mean? Mahogs says “The economy is NOT getting better.” [NYT]

Now even the UK is underwater, meanwhile, Hurricane Ike is heading for Haiti. Smh… [G] [NYT]

After first quarter, NY Patriots Tom Brady blew out his knee. I expect plenty of pics of Giselle taking care of her man… [Fox]

Why were the VMA’s so boring? I like the new Christina A’s “Genie in a Bottle” euro remix, but overall…outside of Wayne’s lip ring? boo hiss. Thank God Mahogs, Bakes and I hit up Bergdorf’s, Tracy Reese’s show in the Fashion Week tents and the best Indian food ever at midtown resty called Bay Leaf. Niceness. VMA’s? zzzzzzz…

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