New Kanye Album “808 & Heartbreak” + Knitting Factory Surprise Show

Sooooooo…last night, I hit the Knitting Factory- a smallish venue in lower Manhattan- for a G.O.O.D. Music show. G.O.O.D. is ‘Ye’s label, but the bill was Consequence, Mickey Factz (wanted to see if he sucked…), Kid Cudi (wanted to see if he didn’t bore me like last year), Big Sean (‘Ye’s newest rapper crush, apparently Kanye MADE Def Jam sign him…his rhymes were medium at best. Someone call D.O.C. STAT to work with this kid’s notebook…) and our boy 88 Keys.

While I missed 88, who’s dope by the way, I did catch Mickey. This dude was great! He’s a rockstar! Literally, with live guitars, keyboards and a wild drummer that swung his manbangs around with reckless abandon! Suffice to say, he’s got a new fan. And not that men with glasses aren’t cute, but Mickey’s aight without them (he entered the stage with a motocycle helmet- guess those joints don’t fit inside the helmet, etc…).

Then Big Sean came on and did high school-ish rhymes- step your game up kiddo- but he is from Detroit and I’ve christened him “it’s so cold in D” until further notice or he upgrades in skills. Next up was Kid Cudi, who as I mentioned earlier, was mediocre the last few times I’ve seen him live. However last night, the crowd had obviously rocked to his mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, so they rapped along to pretty much EVERY WORD. His performance- “Day & Night” was always good times– has actually gotten better with time too, he was good and had nice energy. Mickey was still better in my opinion and no, it’s not because I thought he was cute. Then Consequence came on and did a bunch of joints. He was the main name on the bill but then I saw a buddy who basically shadows Kanye, so I knew who was hitting the stage in the next few mins. Not to mention, Mark Ronson ambled in with a few other confused looking Brit buddies and Wale was at the bar ordering a beer. Impromptu backpacker summer jam? Um, yes!

Sooooooo…Kanye comes out during Quence’s performance of “Gone” from Late Registration and everyone screams. I wish I’d brought my camera but I think MissInfo was there, so stand by for hers. ‘Ye ran through “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Flashing Lights,” “Put On” (accapella), “Love Lockdown” (how does everyone know all of the words ALL READY?) while Quence clapped along and the crowd swooned. Hell, then even Q-Tip tumbled out from backstage for a lil’ Tribe action before asking the crowd if he could rock his new single, “Get Up.” They obliged but isn’t that funny that he had to ask? Hm.

Quence wrapped up the show asking the crowd, “Are you not entertained?…Make some noise for Mr. West! This December!”

Erm, was that a release date? Well, yes because then I found this at OS...808’s & Heartbreak” Is The Official Name Of Kanye West’s New Album Due Out On December 16th! He Will Be Using The Auto-Tune Throughout Most The Album If Not All Of The Album.”

Are you ready for more ‘Ye after Graduation? Do you want a break? I’m of mixed emotion but I do know that I need to go to the plantation…so ’til later- thoughts ladies?

video plucked from eskay

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